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  • Awesome strength to put down any assailant for 30 45 mints, range of up to 8 ft , enough to handle a small mob of 10 12 people (approx). Sprays out like a Fire extinguisher, -1 second burst on the face of assailant is all that is required. One time factory seal and provisional child lock. comes with a trigger assembly and Wrist Band for easy use, access and carrying convenience.

  • Causes burning and severe irritation in the Eyes, the mucus membranes and the facial tissues of the assailants, rendering them completely inactivated and temporarily blinded, causes no known permanent damage or scars. ideal for soft targets like : Working Women/Housewives/Girls, Senior Citizen, Businessmen / Shopkeepers, Jewelers & Petrol pump , Cashiers / Bank Security / ATM Guards / Cash Transits, Highway Motorist , Neighborhood watch Teams, Air Marshals & Law Enforcement agencies, Zoo Keepers / national park security Personnel / Trekkers / Hikers, Also useful against charging animals etc..


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